What we use?

We offer the best solutions for enameling, repairing and sanding plumbing fixtures. With the Liquid Tub Liner, there is no need to buy a new tub! Old tubs, sinks and basins can be refinished so that they look like new. Consider which option is more cost-effective for you. Remove the old bathtub, change the tiles, and purchase a new tub and its accessories, or simply a bathroom restoration from us?

With us, you will save a lot of money and time. Our company undertakes the restoration of enamel on all types of baths: acrylic, cast iron, steel and bulk. Within a few hours, you will not even recognize it.


We use a product called Liquid Tub Liner (LTL) to refinish the tubs. This long-lasting enamel completely fills in cracks and chips, hides old stains and scuffs and is odorless. As a result, your bathroom, sink or shower basin will look like new.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly enamel

A professional will apply a thick liquid enamel to the surface of the bath, and then it will be left to dry for 24 hours. After that, you will be able to use your updated white-as-snow tub or shower with a perfectly smooth surface.

In just one visit, we will restore the coating of your bathtub, giving it an aesthetically pleasing shine and newness. No dust, no dirty work, and no unpleasant smell in your home. Just leave it to dry for one day and enjoy your water treatment in beautiful plumbing again! The new enamel is able to withstand any weight, is resistant to rust, chemical detergents and other corrosive factors.

Imagine what would it be like, if you do not use our restoration service? You would either look for the proper tools or hire a crew, remove tiles, dismantle a drain, take out an old tub; then pick out, have delivered and installed a new bathtub, order finishing repairs again ... All this requires a lot of time, money and frustration.

What do you get when ordering from us a refinished bathtub at home? In just a few hours, we will completely transform your plumbing. You will have a visible, tangible effect after one procedure. Then your refinished bathtub, which served you for many years, will have the same glossy shine and finish as when it was new!


The first step is to remove rust and damaged enamel or other material. Thus, our professional prepares a good base to be covered with new enamel.

The second stage is patching holes and filling cracks. The craftsman uses epoxy-coated fiberglass to smooth out any unevenness. When the coating hardens, the bath surface is ready for the application of the enamel.

When the epoxy is dry, we apply a filler, let it dry and then sand it until it is perfectly smooth.

Your bathroom now has a smooth, uniform surface, but it still has that unsightly color. So for the fourth step, the technician installs the Liquid Tub Liners and applies protective adhesive tape where needed.

Finally, liquid enamel is poured onto the surface of the bowl in order to create a single thick layer of enamel throughout the bathtub.



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