Removing the liner

There is a variety of ways to improve the appearance of a bathtub. Some prefer to install an acrylic or plastic liner - it’s cheaper than buying a new tub and has a very nice aesthetic appearance. However, these overlays can have serious drawbacks and potential consequences, as confirmed by owner reviews:

  • The thickness of the liner is only a few millimeters, and a gap appears between the liner and the tub
  • Cracks form over time
  • Water can accumulate under the bathroom insert, which can lead to mold and mildew that is impossible to remove
  • All bathtub liners wear out and need to be replaced eventually, which is a difficult process because of the way they are installed

Whether you are considering installing a liner for the first time or replacing an existing liner with a new one, we highly recommend against that. We offer a much better and more budget-friendly option: restoring your tub and tile, no matter what condition they’re in.

To restore the surface, we use liquid acrylic, which can recover the smoothness, shine, and whiteness of your bathtub - even after a bad experience with an acrylic liner. This method is suitable both for products being restored for the first time and for those that have been treated with an acrylic insert. This is the best available modern method of restoring the bathtub finish, with record-breaking service time - approximately 20 years.

Benefits of liquid acrylic restoration

  • Strength of the finish
  • Glossy white color
  • Perfectly smooth surface
  • No toxic fumes or odors
  • Completely safe for children
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Durability
  • Compatible with bathtubs made from any material
  • Saves money over many years

More on the topic of savings - How much does it cost? While tub cover liners are significantly less expensive than a complete bath replacement, they are significantly pricier than bathtub restoration. Most bathtub liner companies insist on installing a three-wall bathtub liner to prevent water accumulation under the overlay. This further increases the cost of the work. Tub liner installation alone costs between $1,000 and $1,500. Replacing wall panels, soap dishes, shower shampoo shelves, and other fixtures can cost an additional $1,000 - $3,000. Comparatively, restoring the surface of your tub costs $400-$450. This is a one time-payment, after which you will not worry about bathtub surface issues for years to come.

WVH Bathtub Refinishing Company working process

  1. Removal of the bathtub insert - using a grinder, the glued liner is carefully cut into pieces lengthwise and crosswise, the edges of the cuts are lifted, and the liner fragments are removed.
  2. The surface is cleaned of glue, mildew, rust, and other dirt; if any chips are present, they are sealed.
  3. The surface is sanded for even application of the paint.
  4. Liquid acrylic is poured over the bathtub and smoothed out.
  5. The bathtub is left to dry for 24 hours.
  6. Now the bathtub is ready to use!

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When messaging us, feel free to include a picture of your bathtub, so that we can assess the condition and give more detailed advice. Reach out to us!



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