• Bathtub restoration offers a quick, effective, and cost-efficient solution for extending the life of older plumbing fixtures.
  • WVH BATHTUB REFINISHING specializes in restoring bathtubs, sinks, and shower basins to their original appearance, saving you from buying new fixtures.
  • Our on-site service allows us to paint and refurbish your fixtures in just a few hours, bringing a fresh, even, and shiny finish to your bathroom.
  • We use the highest quality finishing materials available in the market to achieve exceptional results.
  • Your renovated bathroom will have a like-new appearance, resembling a factory-fresh condition.
  • Our expert craftsmanship ensures that your refurbished bathroom will maintain its stunning look for a remarkable 15-20 years or more.

What are the advantages of our unique bathtub restoration method?

Our bathtub restoration method has several advantages. We use a specially formulated liquid enamel that produces a thicker coat, which lasts longer than other methods.

Our process is also nearly VOC-free, meaning no toxic fumes or smells. It's an economical solution that saves time and money compared to complete renovations or bathtub replacements. Our process takes only 3-4 hours, and the bathtub can be used within 24 hours.


         ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐    "Dmitrii did a perfect job on my clawfoot tub. Flawless, beautiful work. He's very easy to work with and it's obvious he takes great pride in what he does. I recommend him highly.."

Barbara D




Bathtub Restoration vs. Replacement

Bathtub Restoration Complete Replacement
Affordable $450 - $800 Costly $3,000 - $5,000+
Only takes 3-4 hours Takes longer
No mess or dust Messy
Can use the bathtub the next day Cannot use bathtub for several days
No poisonous smell Toxic fumes
Is your bathroom unsightly?

White chalky limescale, yellow spots, or the loss of the original shine all spoil the enamels appearance and frustrate residents. Did the previous homeowner leave you an unattractive bathroom? Nobody likes a lime-green shower, do they?

Neglected bathroom with limescale, yellow spots, and dull enamel.
Liquid Tub Liner application on a bathtub
What is Liquid Tub Liner?

Liquid Tub Liner is a dual-component, high viscosity epoxy resin enamel specially formulated for re-finishing bathtubs, sinks or shower basins. Thanks to the use of Liquid Tub Liner, beautiful results can be achieved quickly and permanently.

About Us

Unlocking the Past, Elevating the Future: Bathtub Refinishing Excellence in Sacramento


  • Rich Legacy: With a storied legacy in Sacramento, our company boasts a long and distinguished history of expertly refinishing bathtubs.
  • Seasoned Expertise: Each order we undertake is infused with the wealth of experience we've garnered over the years in the realm of bathroom restoration.
  • Exemplary Reputation: It brings us immense pride to declare that WVH BATHTUB REFINISHING stands tall as one of the foremost bathroom renovation companies in Sacramento.
  • Skilled Specialists: Our team is composed solely of extensively trained specialists who epitomize professionalism and efficiency.


Odor Free Process
and Product

No need for special ventilation. Eco-Friendly. Near Zero VOC.


No Lines, No drips . No orange peel. Smooth , Mirror like Finish.

10x Times Thicker

10x Times thicker than regular spray. Hardness Shore D 80.

No Peeling Off

No Peeling under bathmat with suction cups. No peeling if faucet leaking.

Our Partners

Our Chicago reglazing partners for bathtubs, shower bases and sinks you can trust.
They use the same non-toxic, odorless, durable material.



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