Bathtub restoration is a quick, effective and inexpensive way to extend the life of older plumbing fixtures. Instead of buying a new bathtub, we can return the bathtub to its original appearance, at a minimal cost. WVH BATHTUB REFINISHING will paint bathtubs, sinks or shower basins right at your home in just a couple of hours. After the restoration, your bathroom will have a fresh, even and shiny finish, as if it had just been shipped from the factory! We use the highest quality finishing materials currently on the market to accomplish this. A perfectly renovated bathroom will last you for at least 15-20 years!

Is your bathroom unsightly?

White chalky limescale, yellow spots, or the loss of the original shine all spoil the enamels appearance and frustrate residents. Did the previous homeowner leave you an unattractive bathroom? Nobody likes a lime-green shower, do they?

What is Liquid Tub Liner?

Liquid Tub Liner is a dual-component, high viscosity epoxy resin enamel specially formulated for re-finishing bathtubs, sinks or shower basins. Thanks to the use of Liquid Tub Liner, beautiful results can be achieved quickly and permanently.

About Us

Our company has a long history of refinishing bathtubs in Sacramento. We utilize our years of experience in the field of bathroom restoration with every order. We are proud to announce that WVH BATHTUB REFINISHING is one of the best bathroom renovation companies in Sacramento. We employ only trained specialists who are professional and efficient.

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Our Chicago reglazing partners for bathtubs, shower bases and sinks you can trust.
They use the same non-toxic, odorless, durable material.



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