When is a bathtub restoration needed?

Many bathtubs successfully retain their original appearance for many years. However, after 5-7 years of frequent use, it might become necessary to renew the coating. How to know if your bathtub needs a restoration?

  • Cracks

These defects often appear on enamel tubs. Tiny cracks, usually in a mesh pattern, are not immediately noticeable to the human eye. They occur due to the temperature difference between hot and cold water. A bathtub with various cracks on the surface is difficult to clean. It’s also dangerous to bathe children in these tubs because they might get injured.

  • Chips

Enamel can chip when objects accidentally fall or bump against the bathtub. Deformation happens instantly, and over time the enamel begins to peel piece by piece. Dirt gets into the chipped areas, pathogenic bacteria starts to spread, and rust begins to appear.

  • Enamel changes color

Poor water quality and the use of dyes in the bath can affect the enamel. Enamel may turn yellow or become covered with indelible stains.

It’s worth noting that the lifetime of the tub is longer than the lifetime of the enamel finish. Thus, it’s important to monitor the coating: it’s the most sensitive area of the bathtub - and over time can wear off, turn yellow, or crack. Timely restoration can solve all of your problems!

  • Loss of smoothness

If you frequently clean your bathtub with strong detergents or abrasive brushes, the coating will warp and the surface of the tub will become uneven, grainy, and unpleasant.

  • Peeling

Have you noticed peeling on the surface of the bathtub? It might mean the tub has been restored before, and now the top layer is gradually peeling away

  • Worn tub

If you have been using your bathtub for a long time, and there are chips, scratches, or rust, then corrosion and serious damage might develop in the future. To prevent this, restore the bathtub on time. It’s difficult to perform the restoration by yourself because it requires complete accuracy when covering the surface.

We use a material that reliably seals all cracks, covers chipping, and creates a new, shiny surface. It’s practically odorless and dries quickly, with good adhesion to the surface. A bathtub that’s attractive and pleasant to the touch will decorate your interior. We use only high-quality materials that increase the durability of the bathtub and will last you up to 15 years.